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Future Stephen Starr Restaurant
Philadelphia's famed restaurateur Stephen Starr and Partner Aimee Olexy are teaming up again in Fishtown. The new venture is just a few blocks south of AGA's latest development Frankford Square. Urban Revival in Fishtown Restaurants like these and houses like ours are what help...Read more »
Frankford Avenue's Johnny Brenda's
A video recently produced by Dave Mayers of the New York Times describes the grit, style and art that is Fishtown today. With shots taken right around the corner from Frankford Square , images of Frankford Avenue-based Frankford Hall , Johnny Brenda's and the Rocket Cat Cafe...Read more »
As you can see from the photos 1849 Blair Street and 1851 Blair Street are both well underway. To dress up the jobsite during construction, smart looking transparent signs for AGA Developers and Frankford Square have been added to the exterior fencing on along Frankford Avenue...Read more »
Fishtown is Open for Business
Calling the southwest end of Frankford Avenue a "scruffy neighborhood" doesn't seem to endear us initially to the praises for the shops, restaurants and coffeehouses cropping up in the once manufacturing district of Fishtown, but it seems the NY Times sees what we see in the...Read more »
Frankford Hall Fishtown
Frankford Hall, one of the most popular bars in the country according to BuzzFeed and Foursquare, is only a few short blocks down Frankford Street from AGA's newest project, Frankford Square . Enjoy the Urabn Experience in Fishtown, Fueling Urban Revival Take in Frankford Hall's...Read more »
Blair Street is completely torn up as AGA Builders works to install new water and septic for all the 7 Blair Street properties to be built. Blair runs parallel to Frankford Avenue, so the seven houses on Blair will back up to the 7 on Frankford with all the backyard sitting on...Read more »
Photographs are taken of an empty lot on Frankford Avenue recently purchased by AGA Developers in Fishtown . The site is aptly named Frankford Square . Frankford Square: Affordable, Luxury Living In the heart of Fishtown and the Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor , Frankford Square...Read more »
Construction Federal Street Philadelphia
AGA Developers built a new single family home at 2329 Federal Street, a lot they bought at sheriff’s sale in the summer of 2012. Before the purchase, the City tore down a dilapidated house which was in disrepair for several years. Point Breeze Gains New Luxury Home As can be...Read more »