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One home remains at Trenton Stables... 2231 Trenton Ave., boasting 2900 square feet of high-end living space. Off Street Parking and other Amenities Included What do we mean by high-end? This beautiful town home includes: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, master suite w/ luxurious bathroom...Read more »
AGA Developers is happy to report that Frankford Square is sold out! The remaining five lots are now under contract. Frankford Square was built in two phases—townhomes along Blair Street and retail/residential duplexes along Frankford Avenue. Fishtown Real Estate: Hot Properties...Read more »
Trenton Stables Rooftop View
With 2225 Trenton Avenue under an agreement of sale as of this week there is only one unit still available in AGA Developer’s Trenton Stables development: the unique and desirable property at the apex of the flatiron block. 2231 Trenton Avenue is the “corner” property at the...Read more »
Construction on 2221 Trenton Avenue is finished and the interior has a beautiful open-concept feel. The building's verticality allows for ample light and stunning views in this historic Fishtown neighborhood. Contemporary Homes includes Gourmet Kitchen, Off Street Parking and...Read more »
Work is complete at 2223 Trenton Avenue, and the view is stunning. Not just from the rooftop deck — though that is worth the price of admission right there — but also the beautiful interior layout and fixtures. With lots of light and luxury amenities, it's easy to see why the...Read more »
Summer is construction season and as these pictures demonstrate, work on the last two units of the Trenton Stables development in Fishtown is proceeding rapidly. One of these properties, 2227 Trenton Avenue, just went under contract. Fishtown townhouses selling fast! Buyer...Read more »
Fette Sau
It's restaurant week in Philly, which for some means a whirlwind of eating out downtown — and others, a wish to escape the crowds. The answer, according the Philadelphia Magazine's FooBooz section, is fabulous Fishtown. Local Attractions in Fishtown Show Steps towards Urban...Read more »
Things are beginning to take shape in the interior portion of the luxury townhomes at Trenton Stables. With exterior work done on the first four properties, the focus shifts to drywall and trim work for the light-filled living areas and gourmet kitchens. Contemporary Townhomes...Read more »
The Trenton Stables luxury townhome project in Fishtown has entered its second phase with the construction of the final two units on the narrow end of a flatiron-shaped parcel between Trenton Avenue and Blair Street in Fishtown's historic north end. The luxury townhome project...Read more »
Steel supports have been laid for the rear garages at 2229 and 2231 Trenton Avenue in Fishtown. Construction of these last two units on the Flatiron-shaped block are now underway following the completion of the first four units of the Trenton Stables project. Three of the six...Read more »