South Kensington New Construction

Stay up to date on all South Square construction happening in the South Kensington neighborhood.

South Square is nearly finished with the interior decoration of Phase 1. AGA Developers takes pride in offering granite counters, wooden cabinets, tiled floors and special customization in townhouse.

South Square has begun the interior construction in its newest development in South Kensington. AGA Developers has also completed the project's brick-face and moved on to add aluminum bay-windows and wood composites to the facade.

With New Year's Weekend coming to an end, AGA Developers continues with their construction of contemporary townhouses in South Kensington. Phase 1 of South Square now has the brick walls up on the front facade. The framing for the second floors of Phase 2 townhouses are underway.

It's been a great year for AGA Developers and Philadelphia's real estate and development sector as a whole. With home prices on the rise and 30-plus high-rises currently under construction, Philly has seen a complete turn-around of several neighborhoods, including South Kensington.

At South Square in South Kensington, Phase 1 framing is complete and Phase 2 foundations have started! The first six houses on Hancock Street will be completed in late January or early February of 2017.

South Kensington's South Square has finished framing up to the 2nd floor.

All 6 foundations have been poured at South Square! This week our construction crews have finished pouring foundations on Phase 1 and moved on to framing the first floor. 

Phase one has finished excavations and begun pouring the footings on N. Hancock Street! 

With phase one excavations underway on N. Hancock Street, the urban 17-unit residential and 2-unit commercial development is starting construction on the first six units.