New Project in Old City Philadelphia

New Project in Old City Philadelphia

Philadelphia has experienced a surge in urban revival over the past few years, specially in neighborhoods like Fishtown, Point Breeze, and South Kensington. Business owners and homeowners alike have flocked to these areas in search of new opportunities within city limits. Among those people who have recognized the revitalization of these areas is AGA Developers. 

AGA Developers has worked in many of these neighborhoods in the past (and currently in South Kensington at South Square). From building new townhouses to refinishing older homes, AGA has invested in Philadelphia as a hub for urban revival.

One-of-a-Kind, Luxury Homes

This week AGA Developers has begun its preliminary work on the historic Janus Estates. A portion of the facade at 420 Wood St. will contain brick that dates back to the mid-1700's! 

AGA has placed shoring and scaffolding to stabilize the historic facade during demolition. The original bricks and cornice will be restored and provide historic charm to the modern and sophisticated design of the luxurious 4000+ square-foot homes. Demolition of the original buildings will begin over the next couple of weeks, while framing will not start until early March. 

The Janus Estates are a one-of-a-kind luxury offering located in a neighborhood that is loved by Philadelphians and revered by historians - Lot A fronts on Wood Street (420 Wood Street) and Lot B fronts on 5th Street (309 N. 5th Street). The combination of superior design, craftsmanship and location make these residences the newest gem on “America’s most historic mile”.

Since its conception, the Janus Estates has been added to the Historical Registry due to the planned restoration of the front facade that features bricks dating back to the mid-1700's. 

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