The El Brings Urban Revival to Kensington

The El Brings Urban Revival to Kensington

In an exposé about the Market-Frankford line, Billy Penn and the Philadelphia Inquirer determined that the El has become extremely important to the Philadelphia’s continued growth. New data from SEPTA has connected the city’s most-used transit line to the flurry of development and mini population boom in the Kensington and Fishtown areas.

South Square Joins Transit Trend

As urban revival seeps out of the city, new housing and commercial developments continue to pop up further and further down many transit lines - the El being the most popular. Because of this annual growth around the El has risen 1.5 percent, while Philly's overall growth has hovered around 0.4 percent.

AGA Developers' most recent project, South Square, is located on 1.5 blocks from the Berks Station in South Kensington. 

Frank Mazzio, a Philadelphia native and a partner at AGA Developers, knows that transit was a major factor why AGA left the Point Breeze neighborhood and started developing in the Fishtown area in 2013.

South Square, a 19-unit residential and commercial development on the 100-block of West Berks Street in South Kensington, nears completion as it joins the rapidly growing Berks Street stop along the Market-Frankford Line. South Square buyers include a surgeon, an accountant, two lawyers and a few real estate agents; all of which showed some interest in the units due of their proximity to the El.

The El is a very practical, fast, convenient and efficient way to get around the city. People recognize this. And neighborhoods that are tied to transit will continue to see urban revival and economic success in the years to come.

IMAGE: Along the Market-Frankford line at the corner of Frankford Avenue and Church Street. 
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