South Square Rises to New Heights in South Kensington

South Square Rises to New Heights in South Kensington

South Square Rises to New Heights

South Kensington's South Square has finished framing up to the 2nd floor.

South Square Second Floor Framing Complete

Construction in Philadelphia’s historic South Kensington neighborhood is right on schedule. Of the 17 townhouses, six are now under construction. Phase 2 excavations will begin in the next few weeks. 

Interested in a South Square townhouse? There are four more units still available in Phase 2! Each townhome will feature a roof deck, three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, gated driveway with off street parking spaces, and many other amenities.

South Square: Address & Delivery Update

Phase 1: Under Construction

Lots 5 - 10: 1830-1840 N. Hancock St. (all under contract)

Phase 2: Spring '17 Delivery

Lot 19: 1833 Palethorp St. (listed @ $487,900)
Lot 18: 1835 Palethorp St. (under contract)
Lot 17: 1837 Palethorp St.
Lot 16: 1839 Palethorp St. (under contract)
Lot 15: 1841 Palethorp St. (listed @ $449,900)
Lot 14: 1843 Palethorp St.

Phase 3: Summer '17 Delivery

Lot 4: 1842 N. Hancock St.
Lot 3: 1844 N. Hancock St.
Lot 2: 1846 N Hancock St.
Lot 1: 1848 N Hancock St (TRIPLEX) (under contract)

Phase 4: Fall '17 Delivery

Lot 13: 1845 Palethorp St.
Lot 12: 1847 Palethorp St.
Lot 11: 1849 Palethorp St. (TRIPLEX) (under contract)

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